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Bienvenue and welcome to Toulouse Blagnac  International Airport (LFBO), home of world-famous aircraft manufacturer Airbus. Located just 6 km (3.7 miles) from the city center, Toulouse  Blagnac is one of the busiest airports in France. It also hosts the Airbus manufacturing plants, which makes the airport well suited for spotters, with brand-new aircraft performing numerous test flights before being delivered all over the world.

Toulouse Blagnac Airport is stunningly vast airfield, brought to you courtesy of advanced optimization techniques and highly detailed modeling/texturing methods. The iconic Airbus plant itself covers a massive portion of the airport, packed with detail to ensure a true-to-life experience. Each gate features a finely detailed custom jetway to ensure smooth animations to allow your virtual passengers safe passage. On departure or arrival, you'll appreciate the extra touches of detail, including several custom landmarks like shopping centers and suburban housing buildings.

Whether you are performing an Airbus delivery flight, regular airline or a general aviation flight, you are in for a nice experience in our highly-optimized LFBO product.


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Customer Reviews

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Very good job.

Very nice airport, and i love the static aircrafts. That gives everything a special atmosphere.

Quality through and through

With basically all JetStream really nice quality throughout the scenery.

Very beautiful scene!

Very beautiful scene of Toulouse and very faithful to reality (I work in this airport) but the scene deserves to be updated because there are a lot of texture bugs on the ground, particularly on taxiways T43 to T42 near the Fox parking lots.

Static aircraft can't be removed - currently not useable

What a very nice airport, very detailed BUT the are static aircraft o nearly every parking slot making the airport unusable with any AI or real time traffic... This is very unsatisfying.

Hello Dirk,
There are no static aircraft on the commercial side with the gates. The only static aircraft are located at the Airbus Factory side. I would recommend reviewing your addons to see which one is placing aircraft on the commercial side of the airport.

Joe Dygan
Happy "birthplace" Airbus !

First class airport rendition as always.
Thanks to YOU, the Buses have now their "close to reality" home sweet home in MSFS 2020.