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✔ Updated and compatible with the latest version of MSFS

"Welcome to New York's Gateway"
Teterboro is home to many private aviation charter companies flying nationally and globally. The airport is in the New Jersey Meadowlands, 12 miles (19 km) from Midtown Manhattan, which makes it popular for private and corporate aircraft.
Teterboro Airport for MSFS has been built from scratch using latest techniques and most recent data making it the most accurate representation to date.


- Full PBR and HD textures
- 4K textures
- Accurate building models/textures
- Static Aircraft with PBR
- Custom Ground Vehicles
- Custom clutter objects
-Custom 3D People models
- Custom taxiway signs
- Realistic night lighting
-Highly optimized


This is a third-party published product.
Developer: DreamFlight
Product Support provided by: DreamFlight

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