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  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Welcome to Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport, the largest and busiest airport in the six-state Upper Midwest region of the United States.

KMSP is crafted to give you the best possible immersion, whether close-up at a gate or on final. The cutting-edge, hand-crafted textures are the result of a full on-site survey in cooperation with airport officials. We made sure to capture every piece of detail on the terminals for an authentic feel. This product was crafted internally at Flightbeam using years of previous experience in AAA titles, bringing you advanced optimization techniques for smooth performance across a wide array of machines and cutting edge visuals created by the latest SDK features, plus some of our own secret-sauce proprietary techniques.

Developer: Flightbeam Studios
Product Support provided by: Flightbeam Studios


Customer Reviews

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Awesome KMSP

I already had KMSP with Prepar3D. And the MSFS is back to the usual quality. Awesome. No performance problems. A high quality add-on.

Gez Thulbourn
The best

Well, the best along with all other Flightbeam products! Sitting at a gate doing flight prep and glancing outside just feels so immersive.
Performance is no problem either.
I always get tempted to fire up the drone and go for another tour of the airport; it is that captivating.
But wait, there's an improved version coming! How? I feel I'm going to be flying a lot of delta flights when it does!
Just buy it, the quality is worth every cent.

Perfect in every way

The level of detail is just too good. Amazing optimization making my performance perfect. Very well lit in the night. Everthing you could ask for.


An excellent rendition of MSP. I know the airport well. I flew out of it for several years on the C-130s at the edge of the field. FPS friendly, accurate and detailed.

Fantastic scenery and performance.

Love the level of detail sitting at the gate and the surrounding area. Plus, performance is excellent!